21 Dares: A Florida Suspense Mystery

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What happens when a party game turns deadly?

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What happens when a party game turns deadly?

For her 21st birthday, Abbie Reed’s friends throw her a surprise party and plan an outrageous game of 21 Dares. The rules are simple: Abbie will have to follow every dare to the letter as they pop-up on her phone–every one sent as a text message from a secret guest. Starting off funny, if not a little humiliating, the dares send Abbie and her friends across her college campus and through downtown Tampa. But the closer they get to the mystery man at the back of the text messages, the more deadly the dares transform.

Harboring a vendetta against Abbie, the mysterious guest may not stop until she pays. Now, it’s as much as Abbie to determine who he’s and what he wants, before her 21st birthday becomes her last.

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