Absolute App Inventor 2: Android Programming for all ages

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Learn how to design/build Android mobile apps with No Coding Experience!

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Learn how to design/build Android mobile apps with No Coding Experience!

As of June 2014 there were more than 1.2 billion Android apps available in the Google Play Store. Consumers have downloaded apps a total of roughly 80 billion times. Google Play led the iOS App Store in downloads by approximately 45% in Q1 2014, up from 35% in the previous quarter.

If you have a killer idea for a mobile app, wish to get into this multi-billion dollar app market or just wish to create mobile apps or just wish to learn about mobile app, then this book aims that will help you and will quickly get you started and will provide you the knowledge and the tools to get there.

If you are new to programming or App Inventor, then this book will show you how to properly start-off designing and developing mobile apps and will then gradually take you through understanding more advanced concepts.

If you have already used App Inventor, use this book to be told about optimization, DRY principle, design patterns and concepts in an effort to teach you how to design & develop apps in an effort to run more efficiently and to be told about concepts that have not been covered in other App Inventor books.

The book covers good programming designs the use of DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) Principle by the use of App Inventor Procedures. The book also covers how to use proper abstraction and produce much cleaner code through use of App Inventor Advanced “Any Component”.

All these concepts will be covered in a fully fledged such as SpaceWars gaming app and MyFAVs contact management apps. They’re going to show you step by step design go with the flow and bottom-top implementation the use of a lot of figures with detailed step by step sequenced instruction.





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