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Originally written in Marathi, ‘Ayurveda Garbha Sanskar’ is a book that serves as a guide to a couple who need to start a family, starting out by getting pregnant, giving birth to a healthy child and nurturing the little one. The book comprehensively provides people everything that a person wants to know about conceiving, pregnancy and delivery to nurturing the little one for up to 2 years of age.

Not simply a book laden with known-lectures, relatively this book can be seen as an elaboration of quite a lot of ancient Ayurvedic practices that leads to the complete well-being of the mother and child’s physical, spiritual and psychological health. It also advises on the traditional herb mixes, yoga, music and mantras that the new-mothers or the mothers-to-be may find helpful. But even so, this book also charts a nutritious Ayurvedic diet-plan for the couples to detoxify their bodies and be healthy in the right sense of the term.

Once a mother conceives, she will have to be able to nourish and condition the little one in her womb. Likewise, this book also provides a month-by-month nutrition plan that helps in proper nourishment of the baby. Yoga and full-body herbal oil massages right through pregnancy are also recommended for the mothers-to-be together with a list of health tonics prescribed in this book.

With a view to reach out to more people worldwide, this book has been translated in English, and is available in hardcover.

About the Writer

Dr Shri Balaji Tambe is a spiritual guide, Ayurvedic doctor and an expert in Music and Yoga Therapy. He is among the world’s most distinguished Ayurvedic physicians and has an experience of more than four decades. He is the founder of India’s largest Ayurvedic Healing Centre known as Atmasantulana Village.




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