Bright Plastic Cutlery Set

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Ideal Cutlery Set for Your Day-to-day Needs

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Ideal Cutlery Set for Your Day-to-day Needs

The stainless steel cutlery set features a rich selection of 24 different spoons, forks and a butter knife to provide a complete solution for your dining needs. Use dessert spoons to scoop up your favourite ice-cream or porridge even as the dessert forks can help in picking out fruits from your exotic fruit salads. The elegantly designed soup spoons are useful for consuming soups, broth and other liquid food items even as the baby spoons can be utilized for adding ingredients to a recipe and other purposes. The butter knife is handy for spreading butter across your toasts and sandwiches and the unique revolving stand is extremely handy for storing the cutlery and to easily get admission to them whenever needed.

Made from High-Quality Materials

Featuring a durable stainless steel body, the stainless steel cutlery set is protected and hygienic for Day-to-day use. The spoons, forks and knife are equipped with a comfortable heat-resistant grip that prevents transfer of heat from the metal to your fingers. To be had in a bright and pleasing red colour, this cutlery set is the very best accompaniment to your kitchen and dining table.
Cutlery Set Supreme With Stand Made from stainless steel & Virgin Plastic Pack of 24 Pieces
The comfort grip on the maintain is heat resistant and easily cleaned in the sink or in the dishwasher.
These utensils are very lightweight, great to be used in any kitchen 24 pcs Stainless Steel Dinner Cafe Cutlery Set
High Grade Mirror Finish Makes Them Look Moderately Elegant
The smooth plastic finish makes it super protected to be held by all people




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