Carlos Analogue Women’s Watch (White Dial)

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We presents a unique range of watches for all generations. The watches are specially designed for many who imagine in a trendy, classic and fashionable life. These watches are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. The look of the watch is such that you’ll team it up with casual or formal outfits. When it all comes down to it, suave wrist watches, intricately designed and finished timepieces are what separate you from the rest.

Other Specifications:-

1. This women’s watch comes with a watch case which Assists in keeping it Secure.
2. This look forward to women has top quality material band which confirms to the wrist of the wearer without making it uneasy.
3. It has suitable weight and is very comfortable which makes it an effortless companion for the wearer.

4. These watches for women are here that will help you complete your look.
5. The stainless steel analog dial gives it a sleek elegant look Even as the strap/chain makes it look casual.
This Women€™S Watch Comes With A Watch Case Which Assists in keeping It Secure.
These Watches For Women Are Here To Lend a hand You Complete Your Look.
It Has Suitable Weight And Is Very Comfortable Which Makes It An Effortless Companion For The Wearer.
The Stainless Steel Analog Dial Gives It A Sleek Elegant Look Even as The Strap/Chain Makes It Look Casual.
This Watch For Women Has High Quality Material Band Which Conforms To The Wrist Of The Wearer Without Making It Uneasy.






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