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How to maintain Quirks at work.

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How to maintain Quirks at work.

If you have ever worked in a corporate world, you are likely to have been confounded by some of its more curious characters – the sentimental dame with her sappy reminiscing, the bumbling accountant who can never seem to figure it out on his own and the freshly minted management graduate who is a walking encyclopedia – to name only a few.

Getting along isn’t at all times easy. But don’t lose hope just yet. Corporate Avatars tackles the oddities on the place of work in an exhilarating read, giving you just the smart essentials you wish to have to live on such folk and make your way up the ladder.

Spirited and saucy, this undeniably helpful book reveals the quirks of more than 40 colorful personalities you are likely to meet on the place of work. It’s the very best compass with which to navigate the rough seas of the business world.




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