Funskool Monopoly Deal Card Game

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One of the most important aspects of kid’s psychology is that they want to remain close to their parents and bond and board games and its different forms provide that opportunity for them. Toys, playthings and board games are all important parts of kids growing up and nothing gives them more pleasure than a round of fun board games with family and friends. It helps kids to develop their social skills and sharpens their retention capabilities and memory. Now, you’ll be able to indulge with your kid in a fun round of the classic Monopoly board game with Funskool Monopoly Deal Card Game. Monopoly has been one of the classic and popular board games among kids and adults alike. And this board game set from Funskool brings back the old charm of the classic game. Funskool Monopoly Deal Card Game will keep you and your kid engaged for hours. This Monopoly set contains 110 deal cards, 2 Mr. Monopoly cards and one instruction booklet.

This Monopoly card game is an exciting set for all the family as the participants have to collect three complete property sets but have to beware of the debt collectors, deal breakers and forced deals. You and your kid will have a fun time bonding over the a lot of topsy-turvy situations a good way to come in every turn of the game. So, don’t miss this opportunity to indulge in an exciting and fun-filled round of Monopoly with your kid as now you’ll be able to purchase the Funskool Monopoly Deal Card Game online.

Monopoly deal card game that is moving through family game nights far and wide
Collect 3 complete property sets but beware of the debt collectors, forced deals and deal breakers
In case you are searching for a fun family/friend game this is it
Fun, fast dealing and every card counts




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