Generic Wired Controller USB Breakaway Cable Adapter For XBOX 360 Grey-10019353MG

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To stop your Xbox 360 from crashing onto the floor when somebody trips over a cable you want this replacement dongle USB breakaway cable on your Xbox 360 wired controllers. This adapter cable is simple and easy to connect and disconnect.


Up to date and top of the range USB breakaway cable for the Xbox 360 controller
Connect your Xbox controller cord in your system the use of this innovatively designed USB cable
Work with any PC game that supports joystick or game pad controls
Compatible with?gaming devices that utilize breakaway connections
Prevent accidental damage in your Xbox with this USB breakaway cable
This cable will easily disconnect itself when to keep your Xbox from crashing to the ground in case somebody by accident trips at the cable
Ferrite bead protects against RF and EM interference
Easy to connect and disconnect
Color: Grey
Length: Approx. 24.5 cm / 9.6 inch

Package Includes:

1 x Wired Controller USB Breakaway Cable Adapter For XBOX 360

100% Brand New And High Quality
Prevent Xbox 360 From Crashing Onto The Floor
Compatible With Any PC Game That Supports Joystick Or game Pad Controls
Imported from HongKong



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