iBall Piano 423 4 Port USB Hub (Black)

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Four-Port USB Hub

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Four-Port USB Hub

Ever felt the need of more than one connections on your laptop computer? The iBall Lappie Piano 423 USB Hub features four USB ports in which you’ll concurrently plug-in your more than one mass storage devices, such as, external hard drives, thumb memory sticks, SD card readers and so forth. and access the stored data in these devices on your laptop PC. Moreover, this Lappie Piano 423 USB Hub can be utilized for charging your a large number of electronic gadgets, like, USB power banks, smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and more on the power of your laptop computer. There’s also the optional connection possibility with power adaptors offered by the Lappie Piano 423 USB Hub.

Sensible Structure

The built-in USB cable in the Lappie Piano 423 USB Hub means that you can sync up to four of your mass storage devices or electronic gadgets with your laptop PC. One USB port is located on the top and the rest three USB ports are located on the side of this Lappie Piano 423 USB Hub in order that there are no space congestion and accessibility difficulties. Adherent of the usual USB 2.0 specification, the Lappie Piano 423 USB Hub can be utilized to sync a range of your mobile phones, tablets, music systems, pen drives, external hard drives and more. The robust rubber foot pad of this Lappie Piano 423 USB Hub provides toughness in the grip and a reliability in the standing.

Extremely useful for Laptop users
Slim and cute design with Piano Shiny finish
Small design with integrated USB cable
Keep everything connected
1 easy accessible port on top, Strong rubber foot pad





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