Introduction to the Constitution of India

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Introduction to the Constitution of India by Acharya Dr. Durga Das Basu is a comprehensive book that caters to the academic requirements of more than a few institutions and Universities in India.

The book is regarded as suitable for students enrolled in study programs in political science, law and other competitive exams where an aspirant’s knowledge about the Constitution of India is tested. The book comprises of a detailed historical background of the Indian Constitution. It also touches upon the contemporary developments related to the Indian Constitution; currently, the twenty-second edition of Introduction to the Constitution of India is available for sale; the book is published by LexisNexis.

It is methodically up to date with the contemporary and up to date amendments including modifications up to the 100th Constitutional Amendments Act, 2015; the book also includes case laws and tables for better understanding on the subject. The book has been divided into nine parts in total; each part has numerous chapters that shed light on more than a few aspects of the constitution and in a step by step manner, elaborates on the historical background, making of the constitution, features of constitution, role of the president and the vice-president and their power and duties. Highlighting the working of each provision mentioned in the constitution, aside from the table of contents and index, each chapter is provided with foot-notes and references for better understanding.

Incessantly labelled as law book, it also discusses the Indian polity in different phases and talks about both positive and negative aspect on the federal structure of India. First published in 1960, this is a well-knit, comprehensive book that can help a student or competitive exam aspirant remember the Indian Constitution.





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