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Kinect Sports – Kinect Compatible (Xbox 360) Price: 1,999.00 (as of 26/12/2021 01:39 PST- Details)

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No more buttons or controllers needed to play Kinect Sports. Use your entire body to play sporty games on the Kinect Sports Xbox 360. You can turn your room into a huge bowling alley, soccer pitch or a world-class stadium. You are the one to control the game while playing with the Kinect Sports Xbox 360 game. Playing this video game is simple. If you see a ball, kick it or simply hit it. The Kinect Sports Video game offers a real feel; so much so, that you can feel the wind in your hair as you jump to kick the ball and the sand in your feet as you try to kick or spike the ball. Featuring six different sports that support multiplayers as well as eight mini games, the Xbox 360 Kinect Sports game is fun for the entire family.

Each game of this Kinect Sports Xbox 360 game comes with many challenges to offer a great experience. This video game also lets you taste stardom. You can put your avatar in the spotlight to experience being up on the pedestal. Kinect compatible games also have solo, cooperative and competitive play with different levels for all ages and based on different skill sets. The Sports Party mode of this video game will let you compete against a friend or a whole room full of players divided into different teams. Getting into the game is as simple as getting in front of your television. Get ultimate gaming experiences by either dodging the goalie during a soccer match or by simply cheering your friends along the ring side. Easy to use and play, the Kinect Sports for Xbox 360 makes you turn and twist and control the characters in the video game.




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