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Timeless Piece of Literature

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Timeless Piece of Literature

They say, ‘the more you write personal, the more it becomes universal’. This is evident in this collection of letters that Jawaharlal Nehru sent to his daughter Indira when she was 10 years old. This book, ‘Letters from a Father to His Daughter’ is a collection of 30 letters sent in the year 1928 which has develop into a phenomenal piece of literature over the years because it puts numerous light on the bond between a father and his daughter and the many things that Pandit Nehru tried to give an explanation for to her whilst being away on business. Originally written in English, these letters are still relevant over a span of ninety years and that is exactly where their beauty lies.

Diverse Letters

The collection of these letters spans over a large range and has many topics covered in it. Nehru began writing to his 10-year-old daughter when she was in Mussourie and he was in Allahabad. In order to tell his daughter about all the wonderful things in the world and his many thoughts on people and the society, he wrote her diverse letters that to start with spoke of how the earth was formed, how animal and human life came into existence and how societies entered the fray. Nehru further also writes about races, faith and beliefs that existed in those times. The letters cover a major portion of human history and the history of India as well.

Hardcover Book

This is among the finest books published by Penguin India. The best thing about this book is that since it has stood the test of time and seems relevant ninety years later, it sure is something that can be handed down from one generation to another. For these reasons, Penguin has compiled the book in a fairly solid manner with a hardcover.

About the Creator

Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of Independent India. Born on November 14, 1889, he was probably the most prominent political figures when India was at the peak of its struggle for freedom. Nehru was an alumnus of the Trinity College, Cambridge. He died on May 27, 1964.

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