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MEAN GIRLS – Book 6: The Secret Bully: Books for Girls aged 9-12 Price: 222.00 (as of 26/12/2021 00:35 PST- Details)

Incredible book for girls aged 9-12!

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Incredible book for girls aged 9-12!

Sandy is still bullied…including some frightening episodes that go way beyond silly childhood teasing. Remmy tries to lend a hand her, in spite of being accused of being the bully by Sandy and Marcus.

The interschool athletics carnival gives Remmy and Charlie a chance to reconnect and this makes Remmy feel extremely happy. However the bullying of Sandy continues and brings stress into their home. Remmy introduces Sandy to her own list of find out how to be popular. Sandy makes an effort to change and is even kind towards Mike. Remmy is incredibly proud of her step-sister. But still, the bullying continues. The girls begin to suspect that Sydney may have something to do with it and so they set up a trap.

Will the trap work or will it backfire?

Hope you enjoy Mean Girls Book 6! It is full of action and drama.







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