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Mrs Funnybones unravelled

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Mrs Funnybones unravelled

Almost everyone has a similar family story in India and this is what Mrs Funnybones or moderately Twinkle Khanna pokes fun at. The husband who’s the “man of the house”, the crazy mothers in law, friends and of course the constant jibes at her weight make it an intriguing read. Everything comes together to leave the reader cackling away in laughter.

Dwell deeper because this book will certainly make you think

The tag line of the book, ‘She’s just like and a lot like me” coupled with the celebrity Creator might make one wonder, how can one compare a normal Indian household life with the glamorous life of someone like Twinkle Khanna. But that is the wonderful thing about this book. It’s not entirely an autobiography of the Creator, nor is it the typical tell all that celebrities so continuously write. It is a book of a woman who is a mother of two, an peculiar version of the star and someone who finds humour in the on a regular basis situations that women in India face on a daily basis. That is what makes the book relatable although it has been written by someone who’s the daughter of celebrities and married to one. Through her own anecdotes and by drawing parallels between a star’s life and a normal life, she has managed to write a book which is funny yet at the same time it forces you to think and comment on the situation. Mrs Funnybones is a comical take on the life of modern Indian women.

Mrs Funnybones Herself: About the Creator

Twinkle Khanna was born on 29 December 1973, to established actors, Dimple Kapadia and Rajesh Khanna. She Won her first Filmfare Award with her first movie in 1995 and played her last lead role in 2001. Since then she has moved on to be an interior designer, a columnist, producer and an Creator as well. She is the wife of famous Indian actor Akshay Kumar





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