Nagaon Ka Rahasya

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This is the second one novel in the trilogy on Shiva by Amish Tripathy. The book ‘Nagaon Ka Rahasya’ is the Hindi version of the book originally written in English ‘Secrets of Nagas’. Mehulans had learned about Shiva’s power and declare him their fabled saviour, Neelkanth. Shiva marries Daksha’s daughter Sati and develops strong ties with royal family. At the start of the book, Shiva rushes to save his wife from Naga who had also killed his good friend Brahaspati, a scientist in Meluhan Empire.

The Naga escaped leaving at the back of a coin with extraordinary engravings. Soon Shiva and Sati leave Meluha and commute to other countries, Kashi and Branga on a quest to solve the mystery of Nagas. The journey isn’t just fraught with danger but also reveals some terrible truths. Will Shiva be capable of find the reason at the back of the left coin, will Sati be capable of accept some harsh truths, will the couple and their entourage of friends and well wishers live to tell the tale the unexpected attack? Find all this and learn more about the tale that revolves around friendship, love, conspiracy and treacherous wars and keeps you engaged till the end.

About the creator:

Born in 18th Oct, 1974, Amish Tripathi is known best for his novels The Immortals of Mehula, The Oath of Vayuputras and The Secret of the Nagas. Shiva Trilogy comprises of the three novels. Immortals of Mehula used to be his first novel. The book not just topped the seller chart, but became probably the most fastest selling book. The series itself sold 2.5 million copies making sale of over Rs 70 crores.





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