Rapidex English for Tamil Speakers

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About The Book

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About The Book

Rapidex English For Tamil Speakers is meant as a means of teaching a international language such as English to the Tamil speaking population. The book aims at people who wish to speak English fluently. Tamilians who have no knowledge whatsoever on speaking English or those who have the knowledge but lack the confidence and experience because of their confusion on the use of words, grammars and semantics of English, this book helps them all.

In today’s world, one must be knowledgeable with regards to speaking and understanding English, which is a universally spoken language. This book helps the Tamil speaking people by helping them learn English through Tamil in the most efficient and effective method. The book makes the toughest of sentences seem simple, thereby ensuring that even through just self study in conjunction with this book, one can master the English language. Difficult pronunciations are thought in an interesting and funny way, with easy to needless to say tactics.

Rapidex English For Tamil Speakers ensures that the journey of learning English through Tamil is a memorable one. The book used to be published in 2002 and is to be had in paperback.

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  • The book has constantly been on the bestsellers list.
  • Unique features set this book a class excluding other language books.



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