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Count On PP Shoes Storage Organizer with Adjustable Height (Purple) – Set of 4 Price: 444.00 (as of 26/12/2021 02:41 PST- Details)

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Ever find yourself trying to ceaselessly organize and fix your closet or storage space? Are you one of those who finds it unusual to see footwear left at the door entrance without proper organization?

Well here’s a quick no-more-clutter-fix for you! Practical choice for everyone who needs extra space.

The COUNT ON Shoe Stackers are the proven solution for doubling your shoe storage capacity instantly without needing to take up additional space


Let’s face it, no one wants a cluttered mess.

How else are you going to find that one pair you haven’t worn in a at the same time as? Our shoe stackers simply take care of that problem with neatly organized pairs of shoes.

Organise your shoe racks with our stackers. You’ll say, Now that’s neat and stylish!


So you and your family have several pairs of shoes (ladies, how many pairs of footwear do you have?!). Our shoe stackers measure 10″ in height and 6″ in length to fit most types of footwear from boots all of the way to sneakers.

Now that’s practical!


Our Shoe Stackers are designed to offer durability with its sturdy Polypropolene eco-friendly material, anti-slip surface to hold your shoes firmly and stoppers on the bottom & sides to prevent shoes from falling-off the racks. The innovative design helps to adjust height easily to fit any type of footwear. The sturdiness is apparent compared to the other models.

Now that’s form with function!


Because we know that a single pair of shoes isn’t enough, we made up our minds to make our shoe stackers in sets just for you. You’ll choose different colours that matches your home décor and also to better organize/identify shoes of each family member.

Now that’s great value!

INSTANTLY DOUBLE YOUR STORAGE CAPACITY – Do you own too many shoes but don’t know where to put them? Instantly double your shoe racks’ storage capacity with our shoe stackers! Shoe Slots Organizer are best space-saving solution for closets, shelves, racks, cabinets, decks and floor. Your house will look more organized than ever before
STURDY & PROVEN DESIGN – Ours is a beautifully crafted design made of the highest quality non-slip ABS plastic to reduce chances of breaking. Unlike other models, our stackers don’t seem to be weak on the hinges. With a smart 3 LEVEL adjustment feature, these slots provide a great grip and are perfect for all types of shoes from flat shoes, sneakers, sandals, slippers, high heels or kids shoes. Stack all of your shoes with this modern and fun design
OWN YOUR SHOE RACK- No one likes to come home to a messy & unorganized shoe rack. Our shoe stacker has been proven to be the best solution for organizing a cluttered shoe rack. See all our shoe collections in one glance at the same time as keeping them neat and organized, farewell to a jumble of shoes. Save and tidy up space on shelves, shoe organizers, closets, cabinets, decks, and even the floor for a cleaner and more organized home
EASY & QUICK CLEANUP – Our shoestacker is easy to clean – simply wipe with soap water and let dry. When not in use, the shoe savers can be stacked together for neat and save spacing storage
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Our goal at Count On is to provide a hassle free and worry-free experience to all our customers. If you don’t seem to be satisfied with our products, we will be able to give you a full refund



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