SHOPPOWORLD Men’s and Women’s Inverted Windproof Upside Down Reverse Travel Double Layer Inside Out Reversible Folding…

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No matter what people say, rainy weather has some redeeming values. It’s great to have an excuse to carry, use and show off your beautiful and fashionable umbrella. Don’t you

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No matter what people say, rainy weather has some redeeming values. It’s great to have an excuse to carry, use and show off your beautiful and fashionable umbrella. Don’t you hate it, alternatively, when your otherwise stylish umbrella proves to be poorly designed or drips all over everything. If that’s the case, then these umbrellas may just prove to be exactly what you wanted. Designed with great attention to detail and your satisfaction in mind, umbrellas will become your most trustworthy companions. Where other, lesser umbrellas fail, our amazing umbrellas shine. By utilizing a windproof, UV-resistant and sturdy double layer fabric, they you unparalleled protection from both wind and rain.The unique inward folding design of our umbrellas prevents them from dripping everywhere every time you use them, and their smart c-shape handle allows you to support them with your forearm, effectively leaving both your hands.Umbrellas do not only function great – they look great, too.So great, in fact, that you’ll be able to find yourself wishing for rain, so that you have a reason to take them with you. Just take a look of our multiple designs and wonderful colour. Choose whichever you like the most – or even more than one, in an effort to match them with your different outfits. Plus, our innovative and exclusive umbrellas will make the greatest gift for your loved ones. Make sure that they are protected from the rain with the coolest, most durable and reliable umbrella ever. It is time to bring some style and elegance to those depressing rainy days. Why settle for a monotonous, flimsy and poorly-designed conventional umbrella when you’ll have the greatest umbrella available. Since umbrellas are made with your optimum satisfaction in mind, you’ll rest assured that they’re going to not only protect you from the rain, but they are going to also upgrade any style and outfit.
Unique inside-out design- inventively and thoughtfully, the inside-out folding design allows closing the umbrella in a reverse direction. with double layers of canopy, the outside one retracts inside whilst the dry inside one will be inverted to wrap the wet outside canopy, then you’ll leave it alone. water droplets will slip away on their own, without wetting your clothes, car seats or whoever sits beside you
Quick dry water repellent coating -the travel umbrella is protected by a durable water repellent (DWR) coating, with which water can’t stand on the fabric surface and will drip down the canopy. your umbrella will be dry again quickly
Intimate design-stand by itself, save space. for car race, do not make you wet when getting in or out of the car. keep you warm.release your hands to hold an umbrella it’s not ridiculous. the c-shaped handle makes it happen. cross the c-shaped handle over your arm, and your hands will be released, in an effort to still use your hands to chat on your phone or hold your items
Windproof double layer structure-double layer 8 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs protected by stainless steel accessories make the windproof umbrella stable and sturdy to resist strong wind gusts




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