Toyshine Realistic Sliceable 7 Pcs Fruits Cutting Play Toy Set, Can Be Cut in 2 Parts, Assorted

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About Product

Made of Virgin Plastic, Secure and Non-toxic

Every fruit is divided in to 2 parts with tape inside to bring the 2 parts closer in order that when the kid uses the toy knife to chop the vegetable or fruit

It is broken in two slices making kid to enjoy the true time feeling of chopping Strong ,sturdy & fine finish Non toxic Plastic.

Includes: 5 Fruits toys
Set Includes Different Colorful Toy Fruits and Vegetables for Your Kids with 1 Chopping Board and a Knife.
Every Fruit and Vegetable and Can Be Sliced In Half Because They’re Connected with tape.
Improves Their Hands-On Ability and Imagination. Nutrition Chart Educates Them About The Nutrition That They Get In Fruits
Fun, Enjoyable and Educational Toys Which Will Keep Them Playing for Hours.
Includes: 5 Fruits toys. Please Note, designs and colors would possibly vary






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