Trasa Men’s Premium Loafer Socks, Pack of 3 (Free Size), Shoe Size 7-11 UK/INDIA

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Trasa mens low cut no-show lofer socks, boat shoe liners with coolplus, without anti-slicon grip – 3 pair

Brand : Trasa

Length : No-Show Low Cut.

Size fit : Regular / Shoe size : 6-10 UK/India.


These men’s classic cushion loafers socks are designed for on a regular basis casual wear. Made with the finest fabrics for all-day comfort, these socks will hold up wash after wash.

Constructed with soft, lightweight polyester, with built-in arch reinforce and a touch of Spandex for a snug, comfortable fit. These socks feature that reduce the appearance of stains, and are ideal for all types of footwear.

The Trasa Brand Promise

The Trasa name is synonymous with providing good quality and style. In the case of the basic essentials like men’s socks, undergarments, Bottomwear outfit your family with a brand you’ll be able to agree with.

Your feet want to be comfortable to ensure that the remainder of your body to feel comfortable. Our company treats users well with fast service and good products ” for your Healthy and your Fashion.”

It works to create cutting-edge, moisture wicking, synthetic blended fabrics that allow your foot to breathe, provide reinforce where needed, and contour to the shape of each specific foot
Content : 75 % cotton, 25 % spandex
Coolplus fibre: Keeps your feet cool and dry. The ultra-breathable micro-mesh fabric enables airflow. absorb sweat, water absorption, wear- resistant
Durable, long lasting, high tech synthetic fabric – will not stretch after washing
Care instruction: machine wash in cold water and air dry. Do not dry clean, iron, bleach




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