VERSATYL Feather World’s Lightest and Stylish Jacket for Men and Women

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Introducing the World Record-Setting Jacket, “FEATHER” – World’s Lightest Multi-Utility Jacket which weighs only 179 grams.

Comes with 5 features like Water resistant imported fabric, May also be folded into an in-built pouch of the size of your palm, A Chest Pocket, Hood and YKK Zippers. This Amazing Unique Jacket is Brilliantly designed, anytime wear for Men and Women and has been Innovated by an Ex-IBM Engineer (Saneen Javali) who is the brain in the back of the very successful VERSATYL Travel Jacket with 18 Pockets and 29 Features. The “FEATHER” from VERSATYL has set a world record for Lightest Jacket and has been recognized by “World Record India”. This Unique Jacket has been also featured in the leading newspapers, magazines and blogs around the globe, like The Times business, The Hindu, The New India Express, CNBC (Video), Daily Hunt, Entrepreneur magazine, Digit.in Magazine, Ritz Magazine, Asianet renewables, India Gazette, IndiaFashionBlogger and a lot more.

Our one of a kind jacket is Officially Crowned as World’s Lightest Jacket ” Feather Jacket ” By India World Records
The Jacket is Water Resistant ( Not Waterproof ) with Ykk Zippers, Chest Pocket and Hood which May also be Folded and May also be enclosed in Built in Pouch along the collar. The Feather Jacket comes with an secret In-built Pouch which is attached behind the collar at the side of the Hood.
The jacket is uniquely designed to cover the clothes and protects you clothes from dust and dirt, from the harsh outside condition and helps keep your clothes stay dirt free all day long, a superb wind cheater yet the so light and this, makes you are feeling like a feather.
The jacket is to be had in 3 unique colours, choose a colour that suits your mood and style.
Wear this Impeccable piece of stylish jacket to stand out of the crowd, this jacket is not just jacket but a jacket with a utility that may be designed to Protect your daily wear in a trendy way.


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