Vladimir Lenin: A Life From Beginning to End (Revolutionaries)

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Vladimir Lenin
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Vladimir Lenin

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The political theories of Lenin have long outlived him, and have even gone on to outlive the Marxist state he help to found; the Soviet Union. The name Lenin still reverberates around the globe, and yet “Lenin” is not even his real name.
He used to be born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, the name Lenin used to be just the word he used to attach to his ideology, Lenin used to be just the brand that he developed as he attempted to make good on his promise to export Leninism in all places the world.

Inside you are going to read about…

✓ The Birth of Revolution
✓ Lenin’s Honeymoon in Exile
✓ Lenin’s Blank Check
✓ Dealing with Monarchist Filth
✓ Saving Face
✓ Voice of a Nation
✓ Russia Holds its Breath
And a lot more!

The man that came to be referred to as Vladimir Lenin almost single-handedly sparked communist revolution in Russia and he very nearly brought his brand of Marxism to the remainder of the world. What drove him to do that? Where did he derive such an immense desire for societal change?
This book serves to examine the landscape that brought any such pivotal figure to such prominence, examining the entire catalysts, from personal, to national, that led the man known simply as “Lenin” down his inexorable path of revolution.





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