VLCC Facial Kits (VLCC Anti Tan Single Facial Kit, 60g)

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For Radiant, Fairer and Softer Skin!

Get rid of sun tan and lighten your skin with the VLCC Anti Tan Single Facial Kit. It reverses the damage caused by exposure to the damaging ultra violet rays of the sun. By toning uneven skin tone, this facial kit leaves your skin spotless, fair and radiant.

Kit Contents

This anti-tan facial kit includes five sachets for skin lightening. It has an oatmeal scrub, Melawhite gel, Melawhite powder, pista massage cream and Melawhite pack. This kit is easy to make use of and perfect for at-home facial.

Enriched with Detanning Herbal Extracts

This facial kit is suitable for all skin types. The oatmeal scrub on this kit gets rid of dead cells to reveal the natural glow on your face. Mix the oatmeal scrub with water and apply it frivolously at the face and neck. Let it sit down for 5 minutes and massage in gentle circular and upward motion. Follow the facial with Melawhite gel. Gently massage the gel in upward and circular motion for around 10 minutes and clean your face. Then cover your face with the Melawhite powder paste that may be infused with the goodness of pomegranate and almond cake powder for gentle care in your skin.

The pista massage cream has a unique formulation that protects and moisturises your skin. Apply this massage cream generously at the skin after taking out the Melawhite powder. The final sachet on this facial remedy is the Melawhite detan pack that may be enriched with winterchery and aloe vera extract, and the skin benefits of turmeric and pineapple to repair dull, patchy skin and heal the damages caused by harmful sun rays.

Leaves your skin look softer, refreshed and moisturised
Helps reduce the effect of UV rays for your skin
Suitable for all skin types




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